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In order to offer its students the best learning tools, Maelyne Evolution produces everyday course materials and films
presenting full sessions on the implementation of its different protocols.
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First part of our collection, the certifying training in Plantar Reflexology (zonal therapy) represents a world Premiere, as much by the quality of its teaching as by the richness of the proposed content.

Ancestral technique with proven efficacy, Plantar Reflexology allows everyone to bring relief and well-being to their body and mind.
Intended for everyday family use, this foot reflexology learning program will give you all the keys to access this technique and practice with gentleness and respect for others.

Through these 24 videos, you will discover in image and step by step the origins of this massage, all the secrets of its practice and you will acquire a complete protocol of one hour to practice with tranquility.

Enriched with many illustrations and scenarios, this comprehensive course is accessible to all.
You will also have five essential documents to print to help you in your new practice.


Program content:

24 Movies :

  • About Plantar Reflexology
  • Specialized reflexology
  • Anatomy
  • Zones of insistence
  • Before a session
  • After a session
  • Possible reactions after the treatment
  • Special cases
  • Non compatible diseases
  • The Protocol step by step (13 chapters)
  • A complete one-hour session covering the entire protocol

5 PDF documents to print:

Full Protocol (24 pages)
Quick Reference (5 pages)
Diagrams and lines of the foot (10 pages)
What are we relieving? (8 pages)
Children and babies (28 pages)

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"Basic" Formula

One month of access to the full online course. Certificate issued at the end of the course + 5 booklets to print (PDF 70 pages)

Price : £650

The certification is obtained at the end of the course, subject to success in the multiple MCQs closing each chapter.
Many other disciplines are currently under development (see our page Formations).


Next training to come: Palmar Reflexology


If you are interested, please contact us by email at maelynevolution@gmail.com